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I have just removed the orifice on my ford focus in the last hour. It is located behind the fuel filter running along the fire bulkhead. I unfastened the fuel filter and lifted it clear with all the hoses still attached and then did the same with the power steering reservoir. If you look down the available space now created you will see there is a hexagonal nut on a joint on the lower line which is the HP line for the feed to the evaporator. I managed to get a 19mm spanner onto the evaporator side of the fitting and then an adjustable spanner onto the hex. nut on the inlet to the coupling (The adjustable was much shorter than the spanner required to fit and therefore made access possible). Managing to get both arms down the space I held the 19mm spanner steady whilst I pulled up on the adjustable, once loose the nut spun of using only my fingers. Using pin nosed pliers I then held the orifice and twisted carefully backwards and forwards and the pulled the orifice out without any trouble.) I wish I hadn't bothered it was as clean as a whistle and that is on a 1999 Mk 1 with 298,000 Km on the clock. I only looked at it because I had a punctured condenser and therefore am doing major overhaul. This is the first time the A/C has caused problems in its life.

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