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The 1.3 liter 65 horsepower Mazda b3 is the stock engine. The 1.6 Mazda b6 is almost a direct bolt in. you can find it in mercury tracers and Mazda 323,s. The 1.8 dohc Mazda bp is 129 horses and can be found in the escort gt and Mazda proteges. This is a challenging swap involving modifications to the engine bay and wiring harness. The 1.6 dohc turbo b6t is found in the mercury Capri xr2 and the Mazda 323 gtx and gt. Another challenging swap. There are several other Mazda motors and Mazda f and g series transmission. That will fit. This is just a sliver of info. If you want the whole scoop come to There are thousands of fans there for this durable fun car. Good luck, neanderpaul

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