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Here's a guide for Nissan's engine codes:

The first few characters (KA24) identify the engine's family, which helps Nissan repair and maintain the car. Really, they mean nothing besides helping to clarify what kind of engine it is. It's the next bit that counts:

Letter Feature
D Overhead camshaft, Variable Valve Timing, Direct Injection, or Diesel
E Electronic Fuel Injection
HR High Response and High Revolution
i Throttle Body Fuel Injection
N Natural gas fueled
P LPG fueled
R Supercharged
S Carburetor
T Turbocharged - this can also stand for Twin Carburetor
Ti Turbocharged and intercooled
TT Twin-Turbocharged
V Variable Valve Timing with Lift

So, DE means that the engine's a dual overhead cam, electronically fuel injected car.

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