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Tools needed: T30 Torx bit screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, ratchet, 10mm socket, 6" extension bar, 5/8" spark plug socket.

Open the cabin microfilter cover and remove the microfilter. Unscrew the 4 Torx screws (T30) to remove the microfilter housing. Carefully snap off the 4 clips holding the 2 cables in the front of the housing. With the microfilter housing removed, you have easy access to all 6 spark plugs.

Remove the 2 10mm nuts at the top left and bottom right of the coil. One thing I'd like to add is be very careful when removing the coil/boot from the plug. It's tempting to pull on the coil itself but DONT. Use constant, firm pressure and gingerly twist the boot while pulling. (also, when reinstalling you won’t hear a "click" or "snap" when you put the boot back on) Clean the micro-filter while your in there! Spark Plugs #1 & #6 have grounding straps.

Now using your spark plug socket with at least a 6" extension bar, you can remove the plugs and replace the new ones. (if you have a torque wrench the spark plug is 30Nm.)

Repeat the procedure for all 6 plugs and follow the reverse procedure to replace the microfilter housing.