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if you mean ferrari, the car; a real, full-sized car (not a model, or simulation, or game), & if you mean a complete car, undamaged, & in reasonable working order:

new or used, a ferrari will cost from the low hundreds of thousands, to the low millions of dollars, in $US.

it might be possible to purchase a used ferrari, in less than optimal condition, for less than $US 100,000.

it is possible to purchase a badly damaged/wrecked ferrari, or parts of one, for significantly less, if you locate a ferrari for sale in that condition.

ferrari automobiles are also available as stolen vehicles; the prices would vary considerably, depending on the exact circumstances.

Parts of a ferrari would of course cost less than a whole car, whether the parts were legally, or illegally, obtained.

the ferrari brand-name also appears on various other items (not just automobiles), such as sunglasses. some of these items are "authorized", some are not.

there are scale models of ferrari automobiles, ferrari automobiles appear in various video games, & there is a wide range of assorted ferrari and/or ferrari-like merchandise

there are also ferrari rip-offs/knock-offs and/or replica kits for non-ferrari automobiles; ranging from simple styling packages, to complete interior and/or exterior ferrari-imitations,

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