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The back glass is glued in and must be removed from the inside of truck to prevent damage to the back glass molding , the molding is part of the glass and if damaged can not be replaced. The best method of removal is with a express tool(can be found at this is a battery operated tool and is rather costly. a cheaper but harder way to remove would be to cut the glue loose with an extended razor knife, it is easier if you remove the moldings from the inside of the truck surounding the back glass. start at the bottom of the glass in the center and go towards either side while pushing outward slightly. after you have cut about 16 inches or so place a small wood wedge between the glass an the body of the truck , be careful and dont put too much pressure on the glass or it will break. continute around the back glass cutting the glue loose untill you cut it completly loose. very helpful to have someone on outside to catch the glass, or tape the upper side of the glass to the body of the truck to create a hindge so it will not fall out when you complete the cut.

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