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I just finished changing my alternator on 03 venture, I read several suggestions and tackled the job. I found that removing the entire wiper assy. was good. Hardest part is getting the wiper arms off. You must remove the plastic body cover then you can access the screws to release the pivots at the end. Then the entire assy will come out. Then, to make it possible to use a stubby ratchet, you need to roll the motor forward as far as you can. To do this it's necessary to remove the connector between the air cleaner and the throttle body and the two front motor mounts. Then I used a ratchet strap to pull the motor forward. This gives more room to operate a ratchet, and wallow the old alt. out and install the new one.

    Just don't forget to put everything back the way it was and you're finished.    I have a wiper that goes off the drivers side when operated.  Needs some adjusting.

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