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Hmmm i have just done a swap on my car, and did it all myself, lemme see if i can help you.

it is easier if the motor is out,, eg you putting in a new engine, but if the motor is still mounted, get under the car, jack it up. In South africa, we have right hand drive cars, so the drivers side wheel has to come off, in america, the passanger side wheel must be removed. Once the wheel is off, you can loosen the big nutt (size 28) that holds the side shaft inplace. loosen the wish-bone (bolt sits right under the disk break) and pull the side shaft out of the gearbox. no need to remove the whole side shaft. Make sure you do not pull out your C.V Joint!!! Now you can get under the car, and remove the gearbox. Ti has 6 bolts all the way around, so remove what you can from under the car, and then from above. no need to take the oil out of the gearbox as you will not spill any of it. Once the gearbox is loose, pull it back, but keep it level, till the shaft pulls out of your old clutch plate, then you can put the gearbox aside On the motor, you will see a pressure plate, with8 bolts holding it to the fly-wheel against the motor. Remove the bolts and gently tap the pressureplate till it shift, direction is not important. Now you have removed your old clutch. Congrats. take the old clutch plate and pressure plate to an auto part store as a sample, and buy the FULL CLUTCH KIT! So far, on my CRX, i found that LUK make the best kit. This kit consists of: Clutch-Plate, pressure-plate, thrust bearing, pilot bearing and an allignment tool. The pilot bearing sit on the motor, in the little hole on the flywheel, i use a piece of bent wire to pull it out, and replace with the new one. thrust bearing sits on the gearbox. around the shaft that you pulled out form the clutch (refure to above text) place the clutch in the pressure plate, make sure that the side with the buldge is facing toward the inside of the pressureplate. Put the pressure plate back on the fly wheel, but dnt tighten it all the way. leave it just just pushing the clutch plate against the flywheel, so that it can move when pushed, but wnt move when u let go of it.

use the alligntment tool, realy simple, push it in the hole in the middle till it cant go any further, keep it in the center , and tighten the pressure plate, as tight as you can!!

now comes the tricky part. replace the gearbox, but the spines on the gearbox shaft has to match the clutch splines, so its a bit of a wiggle to get it alligned right, but it will side in once its done. Ull notice that the gearbox doesnt go 100% against the engine, no problem, replace the bolts and tighten it down, once again, as tight as you can, just dnt strip it. ull notice that it now flush against the motor. Reconnect the cable that opperates the clutch. This is going to have to be reset, its not hard, use the bolt to loosen and tighten the cable to your preference (black platic bolt that is situated on the cable.) i found that the best is, if you pull the clutch leaver (on the gearbox) up till you cant pull it anymore, set it to there. Then your clutch will take low and make for optimus shifts and pull aways.

After you have done the clutch, high 5 yourself :D then take it easy for 150km or about 45km in trafic, just to allow the clutch to seat itself against the flywheel.

Good luck :)

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