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simple one here. You drop, lift or swing open the tailgate to your envoy xl, xuv, std, etc. inside there is what appears to be a long black vertical trim piece that is close to the tail light inside the tailgate jamb. You remove this. When this is removed, you can lower and remove the lens assembly, not completeylyas there is the upper, running light that will not be removed that is still attached. You want to remove the lower light from the assembly by twisting and removing the light. Once removed, you still need to pull the bad bulb, so grab teh bulb and pull. THis bulb can then be walked to the parts store and a replacement found. Take this bulb out of the package and pop it in. try not to do this without touching the bulb as foreigh material on bulbs can accelerate bulb aging process? Whaaaaalaaaaadeee frikin- daaa. You are done. Now put everything back!!!. BROUGHT TO YOU BY HEPPY in Williamsville, NY

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