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The procedure for a 2003 is the same as a 2004. Below is a copy of a post for 2004. I do not know the auther of that post or I would give credit here.

From the driver side of the vehicle, pull the hood release lever on the lower left kicker panel. Lift hood and find internal hood release lever near center of hood, squeeze lever to top of hood. Lift hood and locate hood support rod lying parallel to front of vehicle. Hood support rod has a white plastic cap on the end. Insert square ended plastic tip of hood support rod into matching square hole in hood on driver side.

Driver side headlight replacement: Locate air intake duct on driver side adjacent to the driver side headlight fixture. Pull two black plastic pop-pins. Firmly grab air duct intake and pull upwards to disengage third mount at bottom left. Set parts aside and pull remainder of duct housing upward. Some twisting may be needed to remove from engine compartment.

Both side headlight replacement: Grasp headlamp wiring socket and pull wiring harness from headlight lamp socket. Pull rubber sealing ring from rear of headlight mount. Locate spring clip on side of headlight lamp retainer. Lift and rotate clip, carefully remove lamp using clean gloves or towel. Insert replacement lamp. Rotate spring clip into position and lock. Replace rubber seal, mounting all sides. Insert and engage wiring socket harness.

Driver side reassembly: Place air duct housing into engine compartment behind driver side headlight, round end first (poiting downward). Place round end into air duct mount. Place air duct intake housing into engine compartment behind headlight assembly. Lower mounting pin engaged on left-hand side. Use two pop-pins to lock air intake to plastic cowling.

Remove and replace hood support rod; close hood.

Turn on the engine to acc or fully on; check lights to ensure correct operation.

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