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First is remove everything from the car you can and clean it thoroughly. If you are concerned with smell, put a couple of dryer sheets in...

Park the car on boards, or something that will allow a little give. Your tires will develop flat spots if let sit to long...

If you don't need to remove the batter, don't. If your car is newer, you may also need to produce a radio code or trip some other sensor costing many dollars with a trip to the dealer. For a couple of dollars buy a battery tender or trickle charger.

For the engine, if you are not going to be in sub arctic environments, you need to go crazy. Change the oil and add an equal amount of Fuel Stabilizer. Be sure to run the engine and drive a short bit to flow the mixture through the engine, but also to ensure a good mix in the tank.

When you take the car out in the spring, be sure to change the oil and run through that tank of gas quickly, and as much of it as you can. Add a "Fuel Cleaner" when you fill up that first time also. It gives a quick clean and you don't have to worry about residuals in the tank after the season.