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People have automatics for many reasons, some of which are convenience, cost, availability, and driver skill level. How to change gears in an Automatic car? Well, whilst the question itself may seem like a contradiction in terms there is more to operating the transmission on an automatic car than meets the eye.How to change gears in an automatic car is not really the important issue, under normal driving conditions, as once you are driving forward you will not need to make any actually changes. When you come to manoever the car, you may then need to think more carefully about your gear selection, below is a list of standard settings on a typical automatic gear stick: P - Park, this is the setting you will select when leaving your car parked, this locks the gearbox to ensure the car cannot roll. R - Reverse, select this when you need to back up.N - Neutral, this mean no actually gear is selected at all, the car is free to roll, this can be used if the car need to be towed. D - Drive, this is the setting for driving forward in normal conditions. 2 - Second gear, this locks the gearbox in second gear, handy for steep hills when ou want to maintain high revs without the autobox changing up. L - Low or first gear, this locks the gearbox into first gear, this is used mostly for going up very steep hills.

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